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We are Rob Hoogkamer and Alex Buurman. This is what happened:

The beginning of the eighties.
As soon as we met it became obvious we were musical blood brothers. Since then we’ve been playing together and did quite a lot of recording as well, mostly of our own music. Just for fun.

 It was never intended for anyone else then ourselves to be listened to. This was until drumming guru Juan van Emmerloot recently visited the studio and accidently heard what we were doing. 

He decided it was time for us to get into the open and infused our music with some extra life by throwing his brilliant drumming onto some of the takes we’ve been keeping for ourselves the last couple of decades.

So here we are! Al-Row is the name of our bloodbrothership. It doesn’t mean anything, but it sounds like a character from a comic strip, which is fine…. We are very excited to bring this out in the open now and to present our music to you! 

Who we are

What we listen for breakfast (and lunch and dinner): Steely Dan, EWF, Miles Davis, Toto, Michael McDonald and a lot more.

Alex Buurman


Born in 1957 in The Hague. Grew up in Voorburg but moved to Rotterdam before turning twelve, which made me feel more of a Rotterdammer then a Voorburger.

Learned how to play piano and flute by taking lessons and learned to play guitar by endlessly repeating the obvious chords E, A, D, C, G, F and Dm7b5.

Obsessed with harmony not only musically, but in life in general as well. This doesn’t come easy, but success isn’t a destination but a journey, is it?


Rob Hoogkamer


Grew up in The Hague. Popcity numero uno in The Netherlands. Lots of venues with live music. Lots of places where you could go see bands and later on play yourself.

Picked up the guitar around the age of 16. Playing in all kinds of bands, both original music, as well as covers. Small gigs, bigger gigs, studio-sessions, jingles, it all helped growing as a musician. In our current music lots of influences from way back till recent. Then & now so much great music out there, all kinds of styles, absorbed it all over time. Don’t feel limited to for instance just funk or rock.

Composing and arranging original music always has been present under the surface. More recently it really seems to mature resulting in some sort of musical storytelling. Instrumental music often with a cinematic flavour.

And so the journey continues.

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